The Camino Adventure .. We went to the end of the world!

A few weeks ago we came back from our very first Camino adventure; a creative adventure in northern Spain involving a 100 kilometre walk, creative activities, beautiful scenery and 7 creative adventurers.


We were there for seven days with four days of walking and a few days either side for other activities and time to reflect. The team met in the beautiful city of Santiago that we had a chance to explore before we set off on our walk. Our day typically began at 6.30am where we got up and ready for our walk which always started with an hour’s silence to reflect on our chosen positive #iamaffirmations.


Along the way we stopped for some creative activities and always had a relaxing lunch break to regain the energy needed for the next leg of the walk. We stayed in some beautiful places, one of our favourites being Albuergue Moreira in Cee where we visited this beautiful waterfall , one of the many magical experiences!

Arriving in Finisterre (the end of the world!) was an incredible feeling, a real sense of achievement and human potential. The weather was perfect averaging at about 24 degrees, which we especially appreciated on the last two days spent on the beach in Finistere! On our last day we enjoyed the stunning sunset at the lighthouse before our bus journey back to Santiago the following morning.


On our last day in Santiago we had some final activities in the park before waving goodbye to our fantastic adventurers. What an incredible journey! We truly cannot wait for the next one! If you too would like to experience the magic of this adventure be sure to have a look on the website. We are now taking applications for our next Camino in September. If September seems like too far away don’t worry we also have some new UK adventures that we will be launching this summer so keep your eyes peeled!

uk adventures

A big well done to all our adventurers, what a great journey and voyage of discovery, we’re so looking forward to the next one.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we’re doing, meeting some of the team, other like minded people and perhaps even want to know more about how to work with us, then come along to one of our upcoming meetups! Join the group here..

Don’t forget to follow us Twitter @iamadventures and have a gander at our Facebook Page to keep up to date with our adventures. Plus if you want to see some more photos we’re on Instagram too!

Till next time,

The iamadventures team x

Post written by Franjeska from iamadventures

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