Night of Adventure

At iamadventures, we love a good travel story. Whether it’s about travelling to the Himalayas and back, conquering the seven kingdoms or simply discovering a secret garden, we cannot resist a good adventure story! Lucky for us, then, serial adventurer Alastair Humphreys is back with his Night of Adventure event, showcasing the best adventure stories in aid of Hope and Homes for Children.


Night of Adventure features some of the most experienced, eclectic and pioneering adventurers out there, asking them to merely share their best adventure stories with the crowd. And the catch? (There’s always a catch). They have only 20 slides in which to do it. After 20 seconds on screen, the slide will automatically move on, meaning that once they dive into the story, there’s no going back! Moving to this fast-paced beat, the adventurers must captivate their audience in a time quicker than it probably takes most of them to get to their destination.


Kicking things off is cyclists and adventurer Charlie Walker, who will be talking about his experiences of cycling around the world. Whilst Walker has the same wanderlust as any other adventurer, his thirst for more can apparently not be quenched! Planning a cycle tour between the Dead Sea and Mount Everest, Walker allowed himself to off grid now and again, deviating from the route he set himself. Pretty soon, he had quadrupled the original cycle and covered the surface of the globe twice. Wow.


I love animals as much as the next guy but unlike Hannah Engelkamp, I have never included them in my travel plans. After succeeding to raise £35,000 through a Kickstarter campaign, Engelkamp began her 1,000 mile trek around the perimeter of Wales, armed merely with a backpack and a donkey. Needless to say, Hannah’s talk will be truly fascinating.


Next up is Hannah Maia, an adventurer who took the whole honeymoon thing a little differently than most. Deciding to combine her wedding, honeymoon and love for adventure in one fell swoop, Maia and her new husband, Patrick, dragged a heavy trailer across the world’s longest mountain bike trail. The pair even made a film about it, which premiered at the Kendal Mountain Festival in 2014.


Memories of childhood are often tinged with memories (real or imagined) of summers by the water. Reliving every child’s wildest fantasy is Daniel Start, the adventurer who took it upon himself to unearth the best wild swimming spots in the UK.


Of course, travel isn’t just done on foot. Conquering the world on motor is Austin Vince, the traveller who took his motorbike and trusty overalls wherever he went around the world. Not only has Vince motorbiked around the world twice, he has founded the Adventure Travel Film Festival, married an adventurer and worn overalls whilst doing it all. Well, maybe not the marrying part.


Let’s take the temperature down a few degrees. Journeying to the heart of the South Pole and back is the remarkable Ben Saunders, a long distance skiier and polar explorer who has covered more than 6,000 km on foot since 2001. That’s a lot of snow. Ben’s accolades just keep on coming; he was the third person to ski alone to the North Pole ever, he holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey for a Briton and has led the longest human-powered polar journey in history. Phew.


Of course, we can’t have Night of Adventure without hearing from Alastair Humphreys himself. As well as winning the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012, Humphreys has completed a four year cycle tour of the world and released countless books on his travels. Speaking about the importance of sleeping on a hill, we’re sure that his speech will be a good’un!


Proving that you can be an adventurer and hate sleeping in a tent is sailor and cyclist Anna Hughes. We love a local adventurer and on her 4,000 mile epic journey, Hughes didn’t leave the country once! Hughes champions the importance of the micro-adventure and in her travels, has proved that even the smallest of victories can be a huge success.


Fearghal O’Nuallain is also amongst the speakers and in his travels, he’s discovered huge news: The earth is round. Hiking in the Via Egnatia, walking in Rwanda, cycling everywhere, O’Nuallain’s talk is sure to be as enlightening as it is breathtaking.


If there’s one thing I love more than adventure, it’s food. Combining my two greatest loves is Tom Perkins, the man behind The Nomadic Kitchen. In his cycling adventures, Perkins scours the globe for the best cooking and produce, tasting some of nature’s finest ingredients along the way. In his talk for Night of Adventure, Perkins will talk about his search for the best food in Africa, a speech which will no doubt leave everyone’s tummies rumbling.


Taking on perhaps the most terrifying challenge amongst the pack is skier and adventurer Finn McCann. In his adventures around Greenland, the travel writers undertook a little speedflying, a sport which combines skiing, base jumping and parachuting. Not for the faint of heart!

We wish all of the speakers the best of luck in the event! If you’re going, leave us a comment below and tell us about it.


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