Helping Nepal in their time of need…

Peace Pole in Nepal
As you know Nepal is one of the places we go on our iamadventures. It’s a very special place, where there are lots of amazing sites to see, mountains to climb and people to work with.

I, Natalia, have just got back from Nepal, after 2 amazing months there. I met and spent time with some incredible and inspiring people from artists, musicians and craft makers to women farmers and social entrepreneurs. I can only say how grateful I am to have spent time with them all and been welcomed into their homes and lives. We will get to spend even more time with them and work with them again in October during our Nepal Adventure.

Of course, on Saturday, Nepal was hit by a disastrous and huge 7.8 earthquake that destroyed much of Nepal, the homes and ancient heritage sites. I was in Patan just a few metres away from Patan Durbar Square which has been almost fully demolished. The earthquake has created much panic, fear, death and destruction.

This is what Khokana looked like just two weeks ago and what it looks like now in this exact spot.

This is what Khokana looked like just two weeks ago and what it looks like now in this exact spot.

In light of all of this, and having returned home feeling sad and emotional about leaving so many friends and people in need behind, I will be starting a campaign to raise some funds to help.

To start with anyone wanting to come on the next Camino Adventure this May (there are a few places left) will contribute to helping in Nepal. Either by paying in full so that at least 25% goes directly to those in Nepal, (that’s at least £130 each) or by paying cost price and fundraising a minimum of £250 for any charity or organisation of your choice that is helping Nepal. If you are interested please get in touch ASAP with me on OR for info on the trip click here >>

Walk the Camino Finisterre withus this May and fundraise for Nepal.

Walk the Camino Finisterre withus this May and fundraise for Nepal.

If you want to simply donate something now and to a reliable source that can help people on ground quickly and efficiently please see the list I’ve created below with the help of friends and partners in Nepal:

Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub & Childreach Nepal do amazing work throughout the year and are working very hard now to help those in need during this time.


Sattya Media Arts Collective have teamed up with BELIEVERS they are particularly focusing on the Lamjung and Gorkha regions where the earthquake has leveled entire villages. You can donate here and find more info on their facebook event here. 

Donation for Nepal and Shaurab Lohani are doing their best to help those on the ground in some hard hit places like Ramechhap, Sindhuli and Sindhupalchowk. They’ve only had roughly 3 hours sleep a day since the earthquake hit. Collecting donations in Nepal as well as funds to help purchase more provisions. Donate here and here

ISARD is a local Integrated Self-help Association for Rural Development. They are currently taking aid and trucks out to rural, hard to reach places.

Teach for Nepal (TFN) is a movement of outstanding university graduates working to end education inequity in Nepal. They are also working hard in delivering aid and food supplies throughout  Kathmandu.

We have been recommended Karma Flights by many people now and so are adding them to this post. They are organising relief to mountain areas and villages that have been badly affected and are hard to reach. All money goes to the victims, they are based in Pokhara and taking aid trucks up which means nothing goes through the airport, everything is sourced locally and so done as swiftly as possible. The other advantage is that they don’t have the admin fee western union does so you’ll be giving more money directly to them. They have found a good wholesaler to buy tents from – selling to them at cheaper than wholesale prices, and are planning for the future which is needed atm as the monsoon is coming.

This is in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal.

This is in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal.

The Global fund for Women is also a great organisation and one that I’ve been following for a while now. They are helping women affected by the earthquake in Nepal and India.

“We are still reeling in shock & [many] have slept out of their homes in cars, in the gardens, or in public places. There is extreme destruction and devastation.” – Sadhana Shrestha, Executive Director of Tewa, a Global Fund for Women grantee partner in Nepal

If you want to know the situation, stay informed of the good and bad and also find people in Nepal here are some great links: 

This is a portal created by friends of mine, Sparrow SMS to help people by providing them information. It can be used to help people affected by earthquake that hit different parts of Nepal recently.

Read about what you should you carry if you are thinking of going to Nepal :  click here.

This forum is great for those wanting to get aid to the mountains

Another paraglyding community The Cloudbase Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization made up of paraglider and hang glider pilots from around the world who are committed to giving back to the communities where they fly.

Recent News & Updates:

BEINGHUMAN are also running an event on Thursday, 21.05.15 where artists, curators & creatives, across the globe & disciplines, will unite, staging a series of events – ARTISTS FOR NEPAL. Their website will be live in the coming days.

These are our brand new unpublished iamaffirmation cards. Made & designed in Nepal in the last week.

These are our brand new unpublished iamaffirmation cards. Made & designed in Nepal in the last week.

I & iamadventures have just designed and got some new sample products made whilst in Nepal. Instead of keeping them for ourselves we will be posting them on an online shop and selling them, with all profits going to directly help those in Nepal.

The shop is now live through our site here >> 

We have brand new never before released iamaffirmation cards as well as iamadventures tshirts. All profit will go to directly help those in Nepal now!

Nepal is one of the friendliest, most beautiful countries I have ever visited, the people are happy, alive and welcoming and now they need our caring humanness to help them survive and keep going.

Pray for Nepal

Let’s not let them down. Pray for Nepal, but also do something for them.

All my love to you and to those in Nepal,

Natalia x

Founder of iamadventures

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