A Camino- A Way in, Along the Way and A Way Out.

On our arrival in Santiago de Compostela, Natalia and Franjeska welcomed us and after a brief introductory chat, it was suggested that we might like to visit the cathedral. This was a very moving experience as our visit coincided with a service for those pilgrims who had completed their Caminos. It was a privilege to witness this special moment. I was just an observer, I was about to do just part of a Camino.

Was I up to the challenge of walking over 100 km? I was the oldest person in the group and the others were so young. I sat in silence, asking for the inner strength to do this thing, that I so deeply wanted to achieve.


We started each walk pretty early, before the hustle and bustle of the day had begun. The first hour of each dayʼs walk commenced in silence. Blissful for me, as Iʼm not a morning person. This time became so important to me, alone in my thoughts but carried along with others united in a common goal.


I had chosen to use walking poles, they not only provided support especially in some of the steeper bits, but their rhythmic twanging as they tapped along the pathways seemed to spur me on. I would become lost in thought, my walking action becoming almost automatic as I worked through whatever came to mind. My pace and the sound of my twanging poles would amusingly increase unconsciously as I worked through things which had been troubling me in my creative and personal life. I neednʼt have worried about keeping up, I had to be told to slow down!


This slowing down was a key part of it for me. The time to think, to stop, to breathe, to see, to embrace a moment, to create, to resolve, to heal and share with others. The pathway from Santiago de Compostela has been imprinted with part of me, parts of me which I needed to leave behind, to let go and move on. With every step I felt I had grown. I am OK. I am!

  • Anna, Camino Adventure Maiden


If you are interested in walking the way with us, in growing your creative potential and allowing the time and space to be free, then join us on one of our Camino Adventures. We’d be thrilled to walk alongside you.


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